e-Banking is an online banking system through which you can securely access your bank accounts. With this service, businesses and private clients can do their banking from the convenience of their homes or offices 24/7.

e-Banking is suitable for people who work during the day and have no time to go to the bank or to places where payments are made.

The newest version of electronic banking in Kosovo makes it possible to pay all of the following bills quickly and easily:

  • Monthly and quarterly taxes within the Tax Administration of Kosovo
  • Monthly Pension contributions within the Tax Administration of Kosovo
  • Customs taxes automatically confirmed via e-mail after a transaction has been completed
  • Monthly utilities:
    - Electricity
    - Water
    - Telephone
  • Public services
  • Insurance premiums

What are the benefits of e-Banking for private and business clients?

Access accounts easily 24/7
Pay bills anyplace, anytime
Execute interbank payments as well as national and international payments without having to go to the bank
Review statements of recent transactions at any time
Review statements of all transactions with detailed information such as amount, time and location

For businesses: very easy and convenient salary payments for employees

What makes this service unique?
Low cost - Online transactions using e-Banking are cheaper than transactions made at our branch offices.
Speed - Take advantage of fast and convenient transactions as well as unlimited access from anyplace in the world 24/7.

What do I need to be able to use e-Banking?

Anyone with an account at ProCredit Bank may apply for e-Banking by visiting one of our branches. For more information on e-Banking security measures, please click on the following link: Information for Online Security

For more information about security measures, please click: Online Security Information

For any additional information, contact our call centre at 038/555 555 or 049/ 555 555