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We expect our employees to feel personally responsible for ensuring the quality of their work, and to meet challenges with the assertiveness needed to do difficult jobs well. At the same time, we recognize the obligation on our part to enable our people to acquire the skills and knowledge they need in order to meet our expectations. Therefore, from the moment they join our staff, we support our employees by providing intensive training to promote their professional development within the bank.  

Our training goals as an institution go beyond the formal aspects required to perform a specific role. It is highly important that our staff are able to grow and develop personally and professionally, and that employees have the opportunity to develop their abilities and skills to perform well in increasingly challenging operating environments. Participation in the bank’s basic training programme is mandatory for all newly recruited staff members who have successfully completed the ProCredit Onboarding Process. Thus, once new members of the team have completed their initial training and begun working in their assigned positions, how far they advance within the bank and how their careers evolve over time is determined primarily by the employees themselves.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the willingness and ability of each employee to take advantage of the training opportunities that are available to them – and to use the chances for both personal and professional development which the bank offers. The overall performance and commitment of employees to both their tasks and the institution also play an important role.

Broadly speaking, activities to promote our employees’ professional development are carried out at three levels: