New favourable prices for FlexFunds for Private Clients


ProCredit Bank offers the best price in the market for bank overdrafts, giving you easy access to extra funds at an effective interest rate of just 9.00% p.a.


Four benefits of a FlexFunds overdraft:

  • Most favourable interest in the market – you get an overdraft (FlexFunds) equivalent to twice your monthly salary with an effective interest rate of just 9.00%
  • Extra money available – immediate access to extra money to help you bridge temporary funds shortages and cover unforeseen or emergency expenses. An overdraft offers you peace of mind, knowing that you will always have financial support
  • Pay only for what you use – pay interest only on the amount you use. If your FlexFunds facility is not taken up fully, you don’t pay any interest on the unused amount
  • Money goes into your Current Account – so you can access your extra funds easily and conveniently through POS card payments and through cash withdrawals at ATMs, both of which are free of fees. You can access your account statement at any time through e-Banking

p.a* per annum