ProCredit Bank with a Special Offer for Electric Car Loans for Businsesse


Adopt the latest technology for your business car fleet, increase your efficiency and boost your competitive advantage in the market by making the most of ProCredit Bank’s special conditions.

Our special conditions:

  • 4% effective interest rate
  • 0% administrative fees

Repayment term up to 5 years

Why an electric car?

  • An electric car emits less CO2 compared to a fossil-fuel-driven car. It does not emit any fine particles (PM2.5), thus resulting in better air quality in Kosovo and consequently better health. 
  • Electric cars are known to be more economic. For 100km they cost up to EUR 0.81, compared to an average for conventional cars of EUR 7.38 (calculating 5.5L per 100km at 1.23 EUR/L fuel price). Therefore, in terms of money, you can save up to 89%.
  • Electric cars are quieter than gas or diesel cars, meaning they cause up to 100% less noise pollution.
Electric car loan 25,000 Eur

Loan repayment term

60 months
Nominal rate 3.93%

Administrative fees


Effective interest rate


The future is electric!
The offer is valid until 30 June 2022.