Small and medium loans

International transfers

Clients who decide to bank with us have access to specialised business advisers who are committed to meeting their needs, whether they need financing or advice. Your investment plan, or other financial needs, will be discussed with you based on sound financial analysis.

Amount applied for 

Loan duration

Required documents

You must have, at least,  an active business

Payment Methods

< EUR 250,000 small loan

Up to 36 months for goods

Valid  identification documents issued by the Republic of Kosovo

Business documents

6 months

Regular monthly payments 

Grace period and irregular payments are only allowed in exceptional cases 

>EUR 250,000  medium loan

Up to 180 months for fixed assets, other purposes/purchase of real estate (business premises, agricultural land)

In addition, ProCredit Bank offers eco loans for businesses that wish to invest in enhancing their efficiency. Eco loans are used to fund investments in business premises and houses/buildings which lead to efficient use of energy and energy saving. 

  • Reduce your monthly expenses of energy consumption and minimise the damage to environment caused by business activities by investing in renewable energy sources such as solar panels or photo-voltaic systems.
  • Increase your productivity through efficient production lines, improve the quality of your products, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Upgrade your business image by investing in quality and showing that you care about the environment