SMS services

ATM services

Through SMS services, our clients can receive notifications about their accounts, check their account balance, buy credit for their phone, and purchase other products. SMS services are activated by sending an SMS text directly to 50333; this service requires prior arrangement with the bank.

These services are available to all clients who have a mobile phone number issued by either Vala or IPKO.

SMS Services offered from ProCredit Bank:

  • SMS Notification
  • SMS Top-Up
  • SMS Balance

SMS Notification

All clients who have accounts at ProCredit Bank and possess a mobile phone number with Vala or IPKO operators can use this service. With SMS Notification, you can keep informed about the transactions in your account(s), and whenever a transaction is carried out, you will receive an SMS displaying the new balance, the amount, and type of last transaction.
Clients can choose the following limits: EUR 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000.

SMS Top-Up

Have you ever run out of phone credit outside of your service provider’s official business hours? This is no longer a problem with ProCredit Bank. Use the SMS Top-Up option whenever you want by sending an SMS to 50333.
You may carry out these types of refills:

Telephone top-up:

  • Vala
  • IPKO mobile
  • IPKO landline phone
  • IPKO monthly product refills:
  • Internet
  • TV
  • DuoTv (Internet + TV)
  • DuoFIX (Internet + landline phone)

How to top up your phone
Simply key in the mobile phone number to which the refill amount should be credited, press the space key, and enter the desired amount of the refill. Send the SMS to the number 50333.

SMS Balance

If you want to know your account balance, all you need to do is send an SMS.

Who can use this service

All ProCredit Bank clients who have private or business accounts and who possess mobile phones and numbers issued by Vala or IPKO operators can use this service.

When you use SMS Balance, you will have constant access to your:

  • Private or business current account balance
  • Savings account balance

How to receive information about your current account status - simply send an SMS to 50333 containing the text “Bilanc” or “B”.
How to receive information about your savings account status - simply send an SMS to 50333 containing the text “bilanc kursimi” or “BK”.

*Please remember that if you change your mobile phone number after the SMS services have been activated, please notify us immediately by visiting any ProCredit outlets.