Bank Guarantees

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ProCredit bank always aims to support and facilitate your business activities, whether they involve the trading of goods or provision of services, tendering, execution of works, purchases against advance payments, design, or installation of new equipment. The bank guarantee is an instrument which secures contracts concluded by parties operating in different international markets.

Bank guarantees, except when used to secure the execution of contracts in foreign trade, are very well suited for for the provision of contracts within the same country.

The guarantees offered by ProCredit Bank are:

  • Direct Guarantees - are guarantees that are delivered directly to the guarantor through the applicant (bank customer).
  • Indirect Warranties - are warranties which, at the request of the bank's client, are instructed by another bank that the guarantee issued by ProCredit Bank is forwarded to the bank of the guarantor.
  • Unspecified Warranties - are warranties when ProCredit Bank as directed by its client instructs a third bank to only convey the guarantee to the bank of the guarantor.
  • Confirmed Warranties - are a guarantee when ProCredit Bank, upon request of its client, instructs a third bank to confirm the guarantee and to convey it to the bank of the guarantor.
  • Local Warranties - are warranties that are delivered directly to the guarantor.
  • International Warranties - are guarantees in which the guarantor is abroad

ProCredit Bank also conveys all kinds of guarantees that it receives from other banks in favour of its customers. Warranties issued by ProCredit Bank Kosovo are governed by applicable laws and regulations of Kosovo, unless otherwise stated in the guarantee text.

Documentary collection - ProCredit Bank offers documentary collection service, a service that increases the credibility of your business relations and facilitates the work with your suppliers and clients.

How does it work?
Documentary collection helps you ensure the quality, quantity, and payment of goods. The service includes a set of documents approved by the parties and sent from the exporter’s bank to the importer’s bank.