ATM services

ATM services

To make our range of services even more accessible, we have installed ATMs all over Kosovo and opened 24/7 Zones, which enable you to carry out banking services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. .

Services provided at our 24/7 Zones and ATMs:

• Deposits | Withdrawals
• Account balance
• Payment of invoices
• Phone top-up
• Changing PIN code

Deposits | Withdrawals

  • This service enables business clients to deposit their daily turnover in ATMs located in our 24/7 Zones at any time.
  • Clients can deposit up to 50 banknotes totalling up to EUR 9,995.
  • The ATMs accept banknotes in the following denominations: EUR 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500.
  • Clients may make deposits at ATMs more than once per day on the condition that the overall amount deposited does not exceed EUR 9,995.

After completing a transaction, you may initiate another one, which means you can deposit another 50 banknotes, as long as the total amount (including the sums deposited in the previous transaction(s)) does not exceed EUR 9,995. The deposited amount will be in your account within 10 minutes, except for deposits made after 20:00, which will be transferred into your account the next morning at 7:00.

ProCredit Bank ATMs currently accept only banknotes for deposits (no coins).

Account balance

Clients can view the balance of either their current or savings account via the “Balance” main menu. This service can be used at any ATM or in the 24/7 Zones.

Last 10 transactions – In addition to seeing their balance, clients can print out a statement of the last 10 transactions quickly and easily at any ATM.

Payment of bills

Use this service to pay your electricity, phone, water and insurance bills. All you need is a debit or credit card issued by ProCredit Bank. The amount you want to pay is up to you. This service is very simple – and free of charge. *ATMs that offer this service are marked with Kos - Giro.

Phone top-up

In the payment menu at ATMs, you can also choose the option to top up your phone. In addition, you can also top up your phones using the bank’s SMS services.
Phone top-up is provided for the following mobile phone operators:

  • Vala
  • IPKO mobile
  • IPKO fix

Changing PIN Code:

ProCredit Bank clients may change or create a new PIN at an ATM at any time. This can be done at any ProCredit Bank ATM and at all 24/7 Zones.