Cash deposit of more than EUR 10,000

ATM services

Businesses that have a daily turnover of more than EUR 10,000 can deposit their funds at any time at DropBoxes which are located at several 24/7 Zones. To use this service, you need to enter into an agreement with the bank beforehand. 

The agreement sets out the following conditions for the client:

  • Client will be issued a card that grant him/her access to the DropBoxes of their choosing.
  • Clients will receive special plastic deposit bags and the required deposit forms (“Collection Order” and “Funds Origin Statement Form”).
  • Clients will set the daily deposit limit

The cash to be deposited must be placed in the designated plastic bags, prepared in advance by the client. Bank employees will then inspect, count and credit the funds to the client’s account.  The bank provides businesses with a special card that is read by a reader located on the right side of the deposit safe.

Watch the following instructional video to see how to deposit funds in a DropBox.