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Visar Paçarada – Interim Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Management Board of ProCredit Bank Kosovo

Mr. Paçarada was appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer at ProCredit Bank in Kosovo since July 2023 and Member of the Management Board at ProCredit Bank in Kosovo since May 2019.

Currently, he is responsible for sectors such as: Business SME Clients, Private Clients, Marketing, Environmental Management, Treasury, Anti Money Laundering, Human Resources, Procurement, Information Security and Risk Model Validation.

Mr Paçarada joined ProCredit in December 2007. In 2011, he became Credit Risk Assessment Coordinator going on to become the Head of the Medium Clients Lending Unit within the Business department in 2012. Two years later, in May 2014, he was named Head of the Medium Business department and as of November 2016, the Head of the Business Clients (SME) department.

Mr Paçarada has a degree in International Business Management from the University of Westminster in London. In 2016, he graduated from the ProCredit Management Academy in Fürth, Germany.

Bejtë Cakaj - Member of the Management Board of ProCredit Bank Kosovo

Mr Cakaj was appointed to the Management Board of ProCredit Bank Kosovo in May 2019.

He is currently responsible for the Credit Risk Assessment, Portfolio Quality Management, and Internal Services departments.

Mr Cakaj joined ProCredit Bank Kosovo in 2009. In 2012, he was appointed Credit Risk Assessment Coordinator. In 2013, Mr Cakaj participated in a one-year exchange programme at ProCredit Holding in Frankfurt, Germany and during this time gained experience working in the Credit Risk Assessment department. In August 2016, he was appointed Deputy Head of Credit Risk. One year later, in September 2017, he was named Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing and Compliance Officer. Mr Cakaj became the Head of Credit Risk Assessment in November 2018.