Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For the withdrawals/payments carried out within Kosovo, please refer to the pricelist, click here.

For the withdrawals/payments carried out outside of ProCredit Bank’s network, please refer to the pricelist, click here.

For ProCredit bank cards retained by an ATM, bank representatives in the coming days will notify you of the place and the day you can collect the card. For other bank cards, please report to the nearest branch or phone the contact center on 049 / 555-555 or 038 / 555-555 for more information.

IPIN is automatically generated on your mobile phone number. It is a 6-digit code (free of charge) that you must describe on the website once you have provided the required information (including the card number) and after you press the confirmation button to purchase on the “online store”. For more information clik here.

At ProCredit bank ATMs in Kosovo, clients can withdraw up to 2,000 Euros within 24 hours and in certain cases up to 10,000 Euros, using ProCredit Bank cards. You can increase ATM withdrawal limit up to 10,000 EUR with mobile banking app, download it here.

For clients who use their cards actively, their card is automatically renewed. Once the card is ready, the bank shall send it to you by mail at your residence address that you have deposited in the bank. While as for the clients who have two debit cards at the same time, unfortunately, the card is not automatically renewed. For additional information, we kindly ask you to contact the Contact Center on 049 / 555-555 or 038/555-555 upon the receipt of the Bank’s SMS notifying you about the expiration of the card.

ProCredit Bank offers the Debit MasterCard card, which has the same features as credit cards, which enables payments within the country and abroad as well as online purchases on several web pages.

 For setting a new PIN, the clients should visit any of our service points.

The PIN code can be changed at the ATM, see here.

No, this service is included in the monthly commission for all ProCredit Bank clients.

Sending cards through Mail is a service we provide for all our clients and from now on this is the only way to receive the bank card.

Card and PIN activation can be done only through Kosovo mobile operators.

Information on card transactions Daily maximum

Single transaction

Online daily purchases 5,000 EUR 3,000 EUR
Purchases at POS Terminals 5,000 EUR 3,000 EUR
Withdrawals at ATMs of other banks in Kosovo 5,00 EUR  
Withdrawals at ATMs abroad 5,00 EUR  
Withdrawals from a current account at ProCredit Bank ATMs 2,000  EUR and in special cases up to 10,000 EUR  


There will be 3 attempts by the Post of Kosovo to hand over the card to you at your residential address, and you will also receive the recommendation number which you can use to track your card's location via the Post Office portal. You can collect your card also at the Post Office after the agreement with the postman.

Once there have passed 60 days the bank will destroy the card, and for obtaining a new card you will have to apply for this service again.

You can block and unblock card with mobile banking app, download it here. Or, you may call us on 049/555-555 and 038/555-555.