Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The process of opening an account is made through the mobile application of the ProCredit Bank, which can be downloaded from both the App Store and Play Store. After downloading it, press the option Open Bank Account and then fill in your personal data. During the application process you should have with you a valid identification card/passport and a monthly bill of electricity, water, etc., which proves your residence address. 

While opening the account, clients shall receive a number (short code) which serves to proceed further with the process in case the connection is disrupted for any reason, thus saving the data entered previously.

During the application process you must have with you a valid identification card/passport, and a monthly bill for electricity, water, etc., which proves your residence address.

The process for opening the account takes less than 15 minutes.

Upon completion of the video call process, you must wait inside the application until the data you have entered are saved, and then to click on the option Continue < Request Certificate and Accept General Terms and Conditions. Then you will receive by SMS a security code of 8 digits, and you enter it in the application. The last step is to download your contracts, whereby the process is completed. 

The account is activated right away, and upon its completion you may start using it right away as the e-Banking is functional. You will receive the bank card by mail within the week.

Apart from the documents for opening the account, please follow the video for some other advice that helps you to have a quicker and more efficient communication. 

The username for connecting with the e-Banking service is found in the contracts for opening the account that you have downloaded, whereas you will receive the password by an SMS in your mobile phone. It is a one-use password, therefore please make sure to connect to e-Banking, Desktop version within 24 hours and assign a new password. 

Yes, to open an account online via the video conference you must be in possession of a Kosovo phone number.

By entering the application code (pin code) in the dedicated option at the beginning, you may proceed with opening the account even if you have problems after the video call.

All private persons who are in possession of identity documents of the Republic of Kosovo, who are not politically exposed persons and who are not relevant for the FATCA