Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Clients can apply for loan services through the online application system which is integrated into the bank's web site. You can find the application here.

In our wide range of services, we also offer loans for home or apartment purchases. For more information click on the link.

To be eligible for a loan from ProCredit Bank, clients must be residents of Kosovo. Furthermore, the clients must have regular monthly salary payments, rental payments, receive pensions from abroad.

If you still receive your salary/pension/rent through ProCredit Bank, then visit your nearest branch and apply for a new overdraft limit. You can also submit an overdraft application by clicking here.

ProCredit Bank offers loans to residents of Kosovo. In addition, clients must meet the age criteria determined by the regulations applicable in Kosovo (18 years of age); the clients must receive their salary through ProCredit Bank or provide a confirmation from their employer that their salary is processed through the bank, or have other income from rent or pension from abroad. 

ProCredit Bank offers car loans through investment loan up to 50,000 Euros.

The bank offers home loans up to 360 months