ProCredit Bank Launches Mobile Application for Electric Car Charging Station Network 


While the promotion of environmental policies affecting the transportation sector started a long time ago across the globe, including Europe, Kosovo still lags behind with regard to providing infrastructure that encourages investment in sustainable transportation. 

Cars that run on oil or gasoline contribute heavily to environmental pollution, as they emit a high percentage of CO2 and particulate matter (PM2.5). These fine particles can penetrate deep in the lungs and pose a serious risk to human health. Therefore, car producers and users are increasingly focusing on new technologies that both preserve the environment and protect our health. 

In alignment with other activities aimed at protecting the environment in which we live, and in our capacity as a leader in introducing and adopting modern technologies, ProCredit Bank has undertaken the following steps:
To date, 24 electric car chargers have been set up out of a total of 30 to be installed by the end of the first quarter of 2022, covering the largest cities and busiest roads in Kosovo. Some of these chargers are supplied with electric energy from renewable resources, thus ensuring that part of the charging process uses clean energy. Additionally, ProCredit Bank has launched a special offer to finance the purchase of electric cars for private and business clients with an effective interest rate of 4% with zero administrative expenses. “We believe that each individual and team can contribute to developing and transforming our polluted cities into a healthier and cleaner environment,” explains Besar Pllana, Head of Private Clients Department at ProCredit Bank, noting that environmental protection and promotion of sustainable environmental and social development is central to ProCredit Bank’s mission. 

The entire group of ProCredit banks is part of this transformation. With the purpose of establishing appropriate infrastructure for free movement in the region, other ProCredit banks in the region, such as those in Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, etc., have installed electric car chargers.
Another important step taken by the ProCredit group is the launching of the “ProCredit Electric Stations” mobile app, which can be downloaded from Google Play for Android users and from the AppStore for iOS users free of charge not only by the banks’ clients but by all users. In providing a very precise map of the location of the charging stations, the app greatly facilitates travel planning. Among other things, users can view the technical specifications of the ProCredit chargers, obtain directions to the locations and see pictures of the stations so as to be able to recognise them easily. The map is available to all users, and for the next two years, charging electric cars at these stations will be free of charge. 
Through this investment, the ProCredit group aims to encourage people to buy environmentally friendly cars, thereby promoting a method of transportation that significantly reduces air pollution and generally reduces the cost of car maintenance and use. 

For more information on the network of charging stations, the mobile application, and offers to finance electric cars, visit ProCredit Bank on its website and on social media channels.