ProPay digital wallet


ProPAY Digital Wallet – Your new way to pay from ProCredit Bank and Mastercard®

ProCredit Bank is pleased to announce the launch of its newest service, the ProPAY Digital Wallet, another milestone in its digitalised banking platform that enables clients to make payments quickly, securely and efficiently. The digital wallet is part of the bank’s mobile application, through which clients may access a wide array of advanced services.

The ProPAY Digital Wallet enables customers to conduct contactless payments at POS terminals at home and abroad. All you need to do is unlock your phone screen and hold your phone close to the POS terminal. Payments of up to EUR 40 are executed automatically, whereas for higher values, you will be required to go through additional authentication steps, such as inserting your card’s PIN or adding your fingerprint.

The ProPAY Digital Wallet replaces physical cards as the most advanced payment method today thanks to Mastercard’s MDES (Mastercard Digital Enablement Service) technology. This innovative digital payments solution makes transactions faster and gives cardholders a more convenient way to shop and pay with a variety of connected devices through a tap, touch or click. The digital wallet is not only easy to use, however: the highly secure technology gives clients peace of mind when using it to carry out contactless transactions.

“Mastercard has been spearheading the worldwide shift to contactless for years, championing the simple, safe and fast way to pay everywhere in the world. Introducing the ProPAY mobile application in Kosovo is a response to the rapid change in client behaviour everywhere, including the Balkan region. Following the global trends in making transactions, we will continue to introduce these kind of services in the future as well, not only to accommodate consumers’ needs, but also to bring the customer experience to an even higher level,” said Vanya Manova, Country Manager for Kosovo, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and Albania.

The ProPAY Digital Wallet is currently only available for Mastercard holders with Android phones that support Near Field Communication (NFC) protocols.

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