How does Procredit Bank protect you?

How does Procredit Bank protect you?

We implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the highest possible level of security to the client in order to protect the clients’ data. 



Employing the latest technologies to detect and prevent cyber intrusions, e.g.: 

  • Implementation of controls preventing unauthorized access by individuals or networks (Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention systems, data encryption at rest, etc.).
  • Protecting the connection between client’s device(s) and our applications by means of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption e.g. client is logging in, filling out an application or registering in online services.

E-banking / M-Banking:

  • Payment authorization protected by Multi-Factor Authentication for every transaction you initiate.
  • Automatic log-out of clients’ online banking session after an inactivity of 15 minutes to avoid unauthorized use of clients account by others. 
  • Secure access to the mobile version of e-Banking by fingerprint or password.
  • Monitoring activities for potential fraud.
  • Mobile apps developed with the latest security technologies.

Debit/Credit cards:

  • Managing card limits and card status by yourself via our digital channels.
  • Cards are enrolled by default to the latest security standards such as 3-D Secure (a security protocol that helps prevent fraud in online credit and debit card transactions).
  • Sending a SMS message to you for each online transaction you perform with your card.
  • Monitoring activities for potential fraud.

  • Keep your current contact details updated with the bank so that we can contact you.
  • Report immediately to the bank if your card/phone is lost or stolen